A Tale of a Resilient Pup: Surviving a Maggot-Infested Cave with No Food or Water – Animal Journal

Kokkachi Shelter received a tip about a small puppy with an injury on its stomach. The team of volunteers immediately went to investigate and found the pup outside a cave. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the necessary tools to capture him at that time.

After going back to the shelter, they gathered all the necessary items like cloth, milk, and a bag. When the person entered the cave, their team had already returned and did not leave. They left a bowl of milk outside and waited for a few hours. Eventually, the person came out of the cave after some time, but wooden blocks sealed the cave. Despite this, the individual managed to catch the puppy and wrapped it in a towel. They then took the puppy to a veterinary facility in Calicut for treatment.

It was quite a challenge to rescue him as he kept going back into the cave whenever they tried to get hold of him. The cave was really huge, so it took some time before they were able to capture him. Unfortunately, it was a holiday and all veterinary clinics were closed. However, luck was on their side as they found a kind-hearted doctor named Dr. Shihabudheen who generously offered to treat him for free.

The little pooch was brought to Kokkachi’s shelter for some much-needed care. The kindhearted folks there welcomed him with open arms and declared that he would now be a part of their family.

The little dog recovered quickly and is now full of energy. The entire team at the shelter couldn’t help but adore him as soon as they laid eyes on him. His beautiful eyes are truly captivating.

The cute little pup is doing great and having a blast with his human pals, but he’s still in need of a forever home.

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