“The Healing Power of Unlikely Companionship: A Dog’s Impact on a Lone, Sick Calf”

Lewis’ fast recovery can be largely attributed to the presence of Sky, the therapy dog. In the year 2020, a calf, who had recently lost his mother, was rescued by Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner from a slaughterhouse and brought to the Gentle Barn. The calf, who was just a week old, was named John Lewis Thunderheart because of his resilient nature.

Upon his arrival at The Gentle Barn, Lewis’s health was not in good condition. He was suffering from a severe case of pneumonia that resulted in loud and raspy breathing, a deep cough, and an extremely high temperature, according to Ellie. Furthermore, due to the stressful environment he was born in, Lewis did not receive adequate colostrum to develop a robust immune system. Therefore, when he developed pneumonia, he had to fight for his survival.

Knowing that the barn wasn’t a safe place for him to live, they decided to welcome Lewis into their cooled home. Keeping him in a clean and comfortable environment was crucial, and taking care of him round the clock became possible. As luck would have it, there was another resident in the house who turned out to be Lewis’ companion and guardian angel; his name was Sky.

Sky was taken in by The Gentle Barn after his previous owner struggled to handle his high energy level. Although they weren’t planning to adopt him, it turned out that Sky had a natural talent as a therapy dog. He has the ability to bring laughter to people, soften the hearts of those with anger issues, and calm those who are anxious. This made him the perfect companion for Lewis, who was healing from an injury. Ellie recounted how Sky protected and comforted Lewis, always lying by his side. With The Gentle Barn’s love and care, Lewis eventually started to recover. As he grew stronger, he and Sky developed a strong bond, playing together in the yard despite their different personalities – Sky being mouthy like a puppy, and Lewis being wobbly like a cow.

As Ellie took Lewis on strolls and introduced him to the other cows at the farm, Sky was always by their side to lend a helping hoof in assisting Lewis to settle in. Initially, Lewis was a mere 50lbs and barely a week old when he arrived at the farm. Presently, after two years, he has grown to surpass Sky in size with an impressive weight of over a thousand pounds.

Despite the significant weight difference between them, Lewis and Sky still express their love for each other, albeit in less physical ways. Lewis would lie on the ground while Sky showers him with affection by licking and cuddling beside him. This heartwarming display of their bond never fails to amaze Ellie, who sees them as more than just a dog and a cow, but as friends, family, and embodiments of love. Let’s spread the love and share this touching story with our loved ones.

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