Neglected Pregnant Pooch Left Alone by Owner Due to Fear of Birth Smell and Emaciation

It was heart-wrenching to witness a pregnant canine struggling to find sustenance and collapsing in a garbage dump. The owner had left her there because he could not handle the responsibility of looking after her and the upcoming litter.

The owner thought that delivering puppies would be a messy and costly affair, hence he left her in a distant area. The poor dog looked miserable with her swollen belly making it impossible for her to move around. She was exhausted and parched, lying helpless under the scorching heat of the sun.

Melekler ehri Dernei is a kind-hearted person who provides comfort and strength to the struggling mother.

The video can be accessed by scrolling down. The poor creature consumed something she shouldn’t have which made her feel drowsy. Upon examination by a vet, it was discovered that she had pagasites and, more importantly, her abdomen was filled with moving puppies. An ultrasound performed by the veterinarian revealed that she will deliver the puppies in two days. Despite being unwell and undernourished, the pregnant dog was resolute in giving birth to her litter.

After administering the required medication and nutrients to aid in her recuperation, the dog promptly went into labor. Although it was a tough and painful delivery, she delivered a thriving litter of puppies in the end. The vet and his team ensured that both the mother and her newborns were well-fed and at ease. As time progressed, the pups became stronger, while their mother regained her vigor. With newfound maternal responsibilities, she tended to her offspring with great care.


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