Exquisite but Dangerous: The Stunning Blooms of a Fearful Flowering Tree

The flowers and fruits of this plant species appear captivating, but locals dare not approach them casually. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Venezuela, you might come across a species of tree with round fruits and attractive pink flowers. However, you should not get too close, as they can explode like grenades at any moment.

A curious tourist once spotted these peculiar large trees growing along the road in Venezuela. The tree trunks were adorned with perfectly round, brown fruits, initially resembling edible fruits. The inquisitive tourist approached, wanting to pluck one of these fruits for a closer look, but was immediately stopped by the tour guide. Subsequently, the guide swiftly directed the entire group to keep a safe distance from the tree.

The flowers of this tree are incredibly beautiful.

The observant tourist also noticed the blooming flowers along with the fruits, a mesmerizing sight that widened everyone’s eyes. Other visitors, gradually captivated by the scene, began to disregard the tour guide’s warnings and moved closer to the tree. However, once again, the guide promptly intervened, pulling the guests back and cautioning them about the potential explosion of the fruits.

The tree bears abundant flowers and fruits.

How could they possibly explode? At first glance, the tree appears ordinary, albeit unique with its simultaneous display of blooming flowers and ripe fruits. It does not appear likely to explode.

However, it conceals danger for those who dare to approach out of curiosity.

The guide explained that this tree is called the “bomb tree,” given its “bomb” flowers and fruits. It is not just because they resemble rusty hand grenades, but because they can genuinely explode.

The outer shell of the “bomb fruit” is extremely hard, leading locals to call it the “iron melon.” Even the seeds inside are very solid when the fruit is ripe. If someone deliberately strikes the fruit, it will explode just like a real grenade. If one is not cautious, the fragments can fly into their eyes or cut into their bodies, causing serious harm.

According to research, this tree was discovered by a French botanist in a pristine forest. Recognizing its unique potential for study, he brought it back to be cultivated, eventually leading to its widespread planting. The exceptional characteristic of this tree is that its flowers and fruits can persist on the tree for an extended period. It originates from the Americas and can be found in numerous countries, but it is mainly cultivated for ornamental purposes in upscale residential areas and luxury estates. Therefore, when you encounter this tree, no matter how curious you may be, approaching it recklessly can have unforeseeable consequences.

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