“Easy-Breezy Summer Blooms: 18 Gorgeous Flowers That Thrive with Minimal Care”

Looking at the vibrant shades of green leaves and colorful flowers can help soothe the soul and bring about a sense of joy and appreciation for life. To combat the heat of summer, why not consider adding some beautiful summer flowers to your home? Here are 18 great options to help create a fresh and romantic atmosphere.
Starting off with a classic, roses are a wonderful choice. While traditional roses may not bloom in the summer, the infrared variety is well-suited to Vietnam’s climate and will produce strong and beautiful flowers. As sun-loving plants, roses thrive with plenty of sunshine.

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Hoa-mua-he-flowers are happy and healthy

Gorgeous climbing roses not only provide a visually stunning display with their vibrant colors and pleasant fragrance, but they also offer fantastic coverage from the sun. Thang Long Bonsai boasts an impressive collection of over 250 different varieties of these lovely flowers, forming massive flower beds that are both beautiful and practical. Why wait? Plant a stunning climbing rose today and enjoy its sun-shielding benefits! Check out our selection of yellow climbing roses for a particularly stunning option.

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Tiger’s Claw is a stunning flower that comes in two unique varieties: green and yellow. The green tiger claw, which is also referred to as the marble flower, can be traced back to the lush rainforests of the Philippines. This herbaceous perennial plant is often used for climbing purposes and as a source of shade trellis. The inflorescence of this plant can grow up to 1-2m in length, and sometimes even up to 3m depending on the climate. In Vietnam, it typically grows between one to two meters. The predominant color of the tiger’s claw is a mesmerizing jade green hue, and in some regions like Da Lat, it can change shades throughout the day based on the weather conditions.


The flowers will change colors throughout the day. They will be blue in the morning, turn blue again at noon, and then become dark green in the afternoon. The Yellow Tiger Claw is a unique flower that resembles the green tiger claw, but with shorter yellow inflorescence. Its shape is similar to a comedy or an enlarged tiger’s jaw, which is sometimes referred to as a galaxy or tiger’s jaw, originating from India.


The flowers are arranged in a cascading manner from the top to the bottom. The larger flowers that blossom first will gradually give way to the smaller ones below, creating a stunning visual effect. Meanwhile, bunches of climbing flowers resembling chilli peppers adorn the sky with their radiant beauty. These particular flowers, commonly known as dawn flowers, are not only gorgeous but also incredibly easy to cultivate. Their orange-yellow hue resembles the color of ripe peppers and when grown on a trellis, they can produce millions of flowers.


This particular type of flower is known as vine flower and is quite simple to grow. It can easily cling to a designed facade or trellis, and is categorized under the perennial flower family. Chilli climbing flowers are also low-maintenance and have a high level of tolerance for droughts.
Another gorgeous woody vine is the wisteria tree. Its flowers resemble canary flowers but come in shades of purple or white with clusters that can grow up to 80cm long with proper care. During winter, its leaves grow symmetrically in a feather-shaped pattern and regrow during early spring, with flowering taking place in the late autumn or summer.


Thriving in tropical regions, the drooping periwinkle excels in withstanding high temperatures and dry spells. It requires minimal maintenance and is frequently utilized as a shading mechanism, for scaling balconies, or even as a bonsai tree for potting. During the warmer months, the hanging baskets of this vibrant summer flower bring forth a striking intensity that simply cannot be ignored. The drooping periwinkle’s alluring charm lies in its stunning hues, supple petals, and glossy green foliage which stands out beautifully.


There’s no denying that the drooping periwinkle is a summer flower that truly reigns supreme. Its numerous benefits are nothing short of impressive.

6. Fragile Blossoms
While delicate flowers may not boast the same grandeur and vibrancy as other blooms, they possess an understated yet unique charm. Their gentle nature evokes a sense of freshness, and simply gazing upon their unassuming beauty can warm the heart. Amidst the scorching summer heat, these lovely little flowers provide a calming presence.


Summer blooms are a delight to behold, especially delicate flowers that are not just easy to cultivate and maintain but also bloom all year round. Among these stunning floral species are the Hoa Thanh snake and white snake, also referred to as blue and white peacock tail flowers. Their soft, exquisite petals and chain-like arrangement resemble the graceful tail feathers of a peacock in motion. Furthermore, the turquoise hue of the barnacle flower is sure to soothe and refresh anyone during hot summer days.


Decorating your home with summer flowers is a breeze! Whether you prefer hanging pots, balcony flowers, or border planting, there are plenty of options to choose from. With so many vibrant colors and beautiful blooms to pick from, your space will look and feel like a summertime paradise. So why not bring a little bit of sunshine indoors and add some summer flowers to your decor?


This tree is a versatile and attractive addition to any garden or balcony. Its constant blooms add a splash of color all year round, making it a healthy and easy-to-grow decorative plant. It can be hung in pots, creating a soft and cozy feel on balconies or attics, or used as borders to create a unique aesthetic. Additionally, the American and Thai ten o’clock flowers are a sight to behold with their vibrant and colorful appearance. These flowers have larger blooms and come in a variety of colors including reds, oranges, yellows, whites, purples, pinks, or a combination of hues.


The ten o’clock flower has emerged as a trendy choice for balcony gardening during the summer season, especially among townhouse sisters. It’s a beautiful plant with bright yellow petals resembling the sun’s warmth. The bell-shaped flowers, reminiscent of lilies, are not only visually pleasing but also an excellent ingredient in many delicious recipes.


Summer blooms are a true delight, especially the appealing and velvety daffodils that never cease to amaze us. With their seamless charm, these flowers have a way of capturing our hearts and eyes. What’s more, apart from the classic yellow hue, they also come in a stunning shade of orange.

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10. Moth flowers, also known as puppy flowers, are a stunning sight to behold with their heart-shaped leaves resembling the wings of a butterfly. These flowers come in white or pinkish-pink hues and stand out beautifully against the purple leaves, exuding an air of grace and splendor.


Summer blooms are a great choice for those who want to add some color to their balcony or hanging pots. These plants are not only fast-growing but also very resistant to drought. One of the best options is the Pearl flower, which features vibrant and multi-colored blooms arranged in beautiful clusters at the top. This hardy plant has a woody herbaceous form that makes it a great addition to any garden.


Summer Blooms – Pearl and Diamond Flowers

At Thang Long Bonsai Flower Farm, you can find the lovely pearl flowers planted in decorative pots. These beauties can thrive under direct sunlight or partial shade and bloom throughout the year. They are perfect for adding a touch of charm to your balconies or porches, or creating stunning miniature gardens.

Another fantastic option is the diamond flower, also known as Diem Chau. This woody herbaceous plant boasts a diligent personality, producing clusters of brilliant blooms from the leaf axils all year round. It is not only strong and easy to care for, but also loves the sun and can withstand periods of drought. Try planting a few in your garden or pots for a dazzling display of summer blooms.


The Thang Long Bonsai Farm has a beautiful collection of summer flowers, specifically the Diem Chau flowers. These stunning blossoms are planted in hanging pots, making for a unique and eye-catching display. It’s the perfect way to add some color and vibrancy to any space during the warmer months.


There are a variety of colorful flowers that can be used for hanging pots or to decorate balconies, such as pink, white, purple, red, and light pink. These beautiful blooms help add color to any outdoor space surrounded by trees. One such flower is the Thanh Anh, also known as the river lily. This flower has soft, glossy green leaves and clusters of blue-violet or white flowers that form a sphere with dozens of lovely trumpet-shaped blossoms. The Thanh Anh is a summer flower, and its gentle hues bring a sense of relaxation to the soul whenever one gazes upon it.


The Thanh Anh flowers are an ideal option for those seeking a low-maintenance and healthy plant. They can be grown effortlessly in pots and look great when planted in clusters on the porch or used as green borders.

Another lovely option to add some charm and tranquility to your home is the Deer Eye Flower. The purple, bell-shaped flowers have a delicate appearance and stand out perfectly against their glossy green backdrop. These whimsical flowers grow in a long string of soft, drooping blooms that hang beautifully from hanging flower pots on the balcony, creating a peaceful and natural environment right at home.


This particular herbaceous plant is known for its humble nature and sturdy demeanor. It boasts good health, drought tolerance, and requires minimal effort to cultivate and maintain. Additionally, it is not plagued by many pests or diseases. The meteor chrysanthemum, in particular, stands out with its delicate yet robust blooms. Its needle-like leaves are incredibly small, almost the size of toothpicks, and the stem itself is petite and green. The bright yellow flowers practically radiate sunshine, making them a striking addition to any hanging pot or mixed flower arrangement.


The chrysanthemum meteorite is a robust and naturally stunning plant. Another flower to consider is the Magic Eye Flower, which has an impressive ability to grow and thrives in sunny conditions. This flower is not limited to summertime blooms, as it produces colorful blossoms all year round. Its vibrant hues are truly breathtaking to behold.


The eye flower boasts a striking central stamen in yellow, resembling a black pupil. Additionally, there are two types of chrysanthemums – the Indochinese and Thai variety – both of which produce lovely, small flowers that bunch together to create dazzling globes when illuminated by the sun. These chrysanthemums have horizontal stems, making them perfect for hanging and potted displays.


The Indo Chrysanthemum’s stem is compact yet sturdy, making it a resilient plant that thrives in sunny conditions and requires minimal effort to cultivate.


Heather flowers are a stunning addition to any summer garden with their rich purple hue. These beautiful blooms are also commonly referred to as Forget-me-nots and evoke feelings of nostalgia and fond memories of carefree childhood days spent surrounded by the rustic beauty of borage flowers. There’s something about the simplicity and charm of heather flowers that make them so endearing and unforgettable.


Heather blooms are usually found grouped together in the spaces between the leaves, creating a dense and vibrant display. These flowers come in a variety of hues and are considered low-maintenance plants that can thrive in hot weather conditions, earning them the title of “heat-tolerant” summer flowers. Additionally, there are numerous other types of flowers that are perfect for the summer season, such as the Box Orchid. This particular flower has an elongated cluster of blossoms that boast an eye-catching yellow color.

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The hanging flower basket filled with Hoang Duong orchids creates a charming and delicate atmosphere near the porch. These orchids are perfect for summer with their beautiful, long clusters of yellow flowers that hang down softly against dark green leaves. They are known for their long-lasting blooms, with each cluster lasting nearly a month. These orchids can withstand sun exposure but do not handle cold weather well, so it is important to keep them in warm and sheltered areas during winter.

For those looking to add a pop of color to their garden year-round, five-color flowers are a great option. These low-growing shrubs require minimal care and can be used as borders or ground cover. They are also popular for decorating miniature gardens and potted plants. Five-color flowers are versatile and can tolerate sun, drought, and cold weather, making them easy to grow without too much fuss over soil quality or maintenance.

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There is a wide range of colors that can be found in five-color flowers. These hues include shades of yellow, purple, red, rose gold, yellow orange, and many more.


A guide on planting and maintaining summer flowers
Summer flowers grown in small pots or containers are more vulnerable to direct heat and require extra attention compared to those grown in the ground. To properly care for summer plants, here are some key points to keep in mind:

Watering: Water your plants 1-2 times a day in the early morning or cool afternoon, depending on the plant type. Be mindful to water slowly, allowing the water to soak through the pot, stem, branches, and leaves. Avoid watering plants during midday when the sun is at its peak as this can cause heat shock and refraction. Make sure there’s a drainage hole in the pot to prevent the roots from rotting.

Fertilizer: Fertilize plants weekly or monthly depending on the plant type. The hot summer sun and heavy rain can quickly deplete the soil of nutrients. Dilute NPK fertilizer when watering the roots. Do not apply fertilizers directly to the roots during prolonged exposure to sunlight; it may damage or break them.

Pest and Disease Control: Hot and humid weather encourages pests and diseases to thrive. Regularly inspect your plants for pests such as stem borers, thrips, molds, white aphids, or nesting ants, and take preemptive measures to prevent severe infestations that could eventually kill your plants.

Moreover, there are many other types of beautiful summer flowers, including hundreds of climbing flowers, which are not included in this article.

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