Canine Companions Loyally Await Recovery of Homeless Owner at Hospital

Last week, a man by the name of Luiz suffered a stroke and was rushed to a hospital in Brazil. Despite being homeless, he had the unwavering support of his six loyal canine companions who followed the ambulance for miles. Hospital workers captured the dogs panting outside the emergency room entrance, where they made themselves at home. Volunteers from Amigos de Patas Cianorte were called to the scene to care for the distressed dogs, feeding them and capturing images of their unwavering devotion as they patiently waited for their owner’s return.

Dogs wait outside hospital in Brazil

Luiz has become a well-known figure in Cianorte, having lived there for more than two decades with his beloved dogs. Despite offers from his family to find him a home, he has chosen to remain on the streets with his loyal pack. His furry companions are treated like family and Luiz shares everything with them. Unfortunately, Luiz suffered a stroke one night and his four-legged friends kept watch from outside, crying and showing their unwavering loyalty. This heartwarming story was shared by Amigos de Patas Cianorte on Facebook.

Volunteers care for dogs waiting outside hospital

Amigos de Patas Cianorte reported that Luiz was in a stable condition and was allowed to leave the hospital in the care of his brother the next morning. However, the heartwarming reunion between him and his beloved dogs had to be postponed as he had to exit through a different door. According to Simone Ziliane, a volunteer with the organization, the dogs were desperate and remained at the hospital entrance on Thursday morning. To reunite them with their owner, a volunteer had to fetch Luiz from his brother’s house and take him to where his dogs were waiting, enabling them to leave the front of the hospital.

Luis the homeless man is reunited with his dogs

The Facebook group, Amigos de Patas Cianorte, shared heartwarming news about a man named Luiz, who was reunited with his furry companions. The group praised Luiz’s friends for their unwavering support and loyalty towards him.

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